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Welcome to Zelt’s documentation!

Zelt’s jobs is to deploy Locust in Kubernetes. The main use-case for deploying Locust in Kubernetes is when you want to generate an amount of load that is greater than can be generated from one machine. Kubernetes allows you to easily achieve this scale, Zelt ensures the deployment is equally as easy.

Zelt was born from a need in Zalando to ensure our stack would hold-up to the load expected during Black Friday 2018. In addition to component-level load testing, we performed system-level end-to-end load tests; hence the name ‘Zalando end-to-end load tester’ or Zelt for short. Despite the name, Zelt can be used for any form of load testing that requires the use of Locust and Kubernetes.

Getting Started

See our README for basic information like:

  • how to install Zelt,
  • how to use the zelt command-line tool